What To Consider When Converting Your Portable Storage Containers Into Livable Spaces

Transforming portable storage containers into livable spaces is one of the recent trends in green architecture. Aside from helping ports lessen their loads of shipping containers, the shipping containers are reconstructed into breathtaking, innovative and space-efficient homes.

If you want to join in the fad, bear in mind the following considerations:


What do you plan to build with your portable storage containers? Clarifying your purpose can help streamline the entire process – from selection to customization. Once you determined your purpose, set aside an amount that you are willing to spend on the project. Aside from the cost of the shipping container, you also have to think about the cost of shipping, inspection services, customization services and materials needed.

Size and Space

How much space do you have left in your lot? Keep in mind that basic shipping containers are 20 ft. long and 8 ft. wide. Do you have enough space for that? Other shipping containers are 40 ft., 50 ft. and even 53 ft.

Portable Storage containersWould you like it freestanding or attached to your home? Adding a new living space in your residence may be fun but you also have to think about the exterior design of your home.

If you are worried that the kind of room you want may not fit into the shipping container, browse the inter-webs to find space-effective ideas. There are tons of them. You can also consult a designer for that matter.


Shipping containers are made from steel. On the bright side, the steel makes a shipping container not prone to fire. On the downside, it makes it highly conductive. A damaged electrical wiring may spark and cause electrocution. To avoid such accident, the shipping container must be properly insulated.


HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Some portable storage containers have built-in settings to control the temperature inside. These are intended to ensure the efficiency and freshness of pharmaceuticals and food products. Just like these goods, the future occupants of a converted shipping container also yearn for ideal room conditions.

Portable Storage ContainerAdding windows and doors can help resolve HVAC requirements. However, certain HVAC equipment provide better solutions. Because of the limited space, you can choose stand fans which you can hide in the storage room when not in use. An exhaust fan is a must-have; you should have one or more installed. An air-conditioning unit affixed on the wall as well as wall-mounted fans can meet the ventilation and air conditioning needed.


It is possible to construct a kitchen or a bathroom in your converted shipping container. The two rooms require plumbing though. Unless you don’t intend to construct a kitchen or a bathroom, you don’t have to worry about plumbing. In these rooms, fixtures that need water must be near each other to simplify plumbing.


The number one enemy of shipping containers is rust. Rusting can lead to holes which may then cause leaks or entryway of pests. Before you make a purchase, make sure you inspected the shipping container for rust first. You should also ask for the shipping records of the container. The items that are used to be stored in the shipping container can also be a factor to the possible corrosion on the container.

To ensure that your converted shipping container will not rust easily, apply anti-corrosive paint all throughout. Planting the shipping container directly on land will expose it to the soil’s moisture, making it more prone to corrosion.


Portable storage containers have labels painted or marked on them. Some of these labels and their definitions are as follows:

• Corten steel entails that the shipping container is made from one of the most hard-wearing steels out there. It can withstand both shipping of heavy construction materials and shipping by sea.

Storage Container• The term cargo worthy is used to imply that the shipping container has been checked by the authorities. It means that the unit is ready to be utilized in shipping by sea.

• Factory paint is one of the ideal labels that you might want your prospective shipping container to have. It entails that the paint that is currently seen on the shipping container is the original paint; that means that there are no damage in the container that require cover-up using paint.

• Another ideal label is one-trip. It implies that the shipping container has only been used once; hence, it can be regarded as relatively new.


States, counties and your homeowners’ association may have certain regulations regarding the addition and conversion of shipping containers into your area. Make sure you comply with everything before you even start building.


One of the most important factors to consider is the seller of portable storage containers. It should be able to provide a great selection of shipping containers and even customization services. Here moveablecontainer.com, are provide movable container storage, does such thing and we are more than willing to lend you a helping hand in all the process involved.

Consulting with an SEO Expert 101

SEO consultants want to give you the best possible outcome for the goal you have in mind. Whether it’s getting more traffic to your site through click here links, increasing awareness of your brand, or an overall increase in online presence, they want to make sure that with their help, all your goals will be realized.

The first meeting with your SEO consultant is very crucial. It will establish the kind of working relationship you will have over the next couple of months while he is working on the project. So what is it that you have to discuss on the first meeting?

SEO consultantThe most important thing to discuss with an SEO consultant on the first day of meeting is to ask about his methods and what he plans to do for your company, such as how much traffic he intends to generate with click here links. This will clue you in on the extent of the project, the estimated man-hours that you will be paying and the requirements that you will need to provide the SEO consultant in order to help him do his job. This will also help you map out a timeline as to what is expected to happen within the next couple of months.

Your SEO consultant will also have to provide you with a plan or a road map of how he is going to achieve your goal. He will show you a test run of the plans that he has in mind in order to realize your company’s goals. At this point, it is all plans and no actions just yet. You and your consultant will just be creating rough drafts and brainstorming ideas on how you want to go about with the project such as how much increase in traffic to go for and which sites you will put your click here links on.

Once your consultant is onboard and has all the information he needs, he will create a mock-up of the changes that he plans to do. This can mean creating a test site for you to see before changes are taken into effect. From this test site you will see all the functionalities that you and your SEO consultant had talked about and will be able to play around the test site like it’s the real thing. Test sites will give you a feel of what will happen to your site once the changes have been effected. If at any point you feel that the changes do not suit you, just let your SEO consultant know and he will change them to suit your preferences. At this point, the changes are not yet live so there’s no problem making the changes.

The creation of a test site will take up a couple of months to make. User acceptance testing or UAT will commence and will take a few more weeks depending on the errors, bugs, changes that the client will want to make on the test site. In some cases, the changes will even need the approval of higher management before implementation.

seoOnce the changes are put in production, that is when it is live and in effect, the SEO consultant will have to monitor the effect of these changes. He will look into how people responded to the changes made on the site and how much traffic you are getting from click here links, monitor the activities of people visiting the company website and use analytical tools to understand behaviors, patterns and movements within the site. The information will help him determine whether the SEO strategy that he applied is working or not. This will also help the SEO consultant adjust his strategy where it is needed the most. He will have to monitor the changes for a couple of weeks before he can determine if the changes had any effect on the visitors of the site.

The SEO consultant will then inform you of the progress and the other changes that he wants to put in effect. The cycle continues until he has met your company’s goals.

The job of an SEO consultant isn’t a quick fix that you can just apply to your company’s problem. It takes careful planning and it usually requires a good couple of months to perform in order to be truly effective. Communicate with your SEO consultant on a regular basis so that you can track the progress and be aware of what’s going on. A good SEO consultant will be more than glad to answer your questions regarding the project.

Planning: Showing Sensitivity To Others’ Feelings

They say that if one fails to plan, she plans to fail. Well, it is true enough. If she wants to succeed she cannot always be impulsive. There are things that one must do in order for them to succeed and more often than not, slacking off will not get a person anywhere. Planning is applicable to anyone who would like to achieve the results that she desires for.

A person who plans for her future sees things in the long run. She has visions and aspirations that motivate her to work harder. And since this is applicable to anyone, planning for one’s future is no exception. Future here includes things like settling down, raising one’s own family and ultimately preparing for one’s death.

Most people would not like to think of this as much as possible. They keep themselves busy and on the go not only to be successful but also to deviate their attention to thinking about death. Since this is inevitable, one will have to confront this in any way. Doing this is beneficial to all who are concerned about these things.

Planning one’s death can be seen as a responsible and caring attitude towards her grieving family and friends. By planning, it reduces the stress that they feel about many things that they have to take care of.

Funeral homes Knoxville, Tennessee: Planning

Funeral homes Knoxville, Tennessee are a good way to start this entire project. It is important to prepare the final arrangements ahead of time.This task creates an atmosphere of security since it serves as the protection for your loved ones against the emotional and financial burdens that they may encounter.

CremationAnother thing is that it keeps the communication lines open. Most funeral homes Knoxville, Tennessee would encourage their potential clients to make sure that they would constantly talk to their loved ones about this thing. If this has been observed religiously, it reduces their family members’ burden of predicting and making difficult decisions that are uncertain.

By planning way ahead, this gives a person more time to decide on the personal details that matter to her the most. Since funeral services are not just about mourning, people can use this to customize so many details about themselves. This brings out the entire personality of the departed.

Aside from these advantages, another thing that is noticeably evident when it comes to planning early is searching for great value and quality. If this is pre-planned, the person can shop for cemeteries that she thinks offer the best value for her money.

These reasons show the importance of planning way ahead. This is a responsibility that everyone should actually work on. It is not just about the individual person herself but also other people around her. When one plans, it proves that she is sensitive to the feelings of her loved ones. Dying is already a difficult experience and it is not desirable to make it a lot more complicated by causing confusions. As much as possible, the families and friends should be given the opportunity to understand everything about the departed wishes so that they can work on them.

It is fortunate to know that funeral homes Knoxville, Tennessee are available to answer any queries about planning. This is a good way for anyone to be enlightened about certain benefits that they can get as soon as she starts thinking about her future. This works both ways so that the person and her family members can get most out of the benefits of planning early. Ultimately, this provides the family members and friends to grieve without worrying about the funeral details since these have already been settled.

Why PCB Fabrication is a Popular Hobby

The process of PCB fabrication is something that every person can try to do as a DIY home project. The individual just has to have the interest in understanding the methods used for creating the PCB, as well as the interest to decipher the different graphic symbols on the schematic diagram. The process of creating the schematic diagram cannot be skipped because this serves as the blueprint by which the mounting of the PCB’s components is going to be based on.

PCB fabricationsOne way to easily decipher a schematic diagram is by remembering that the symbols stand for each component and the letters are merely abbreviations of the names of each component. For instance, the letter BT on the diagram paired with the symbols + and – is understandably an indication that  spot is where the battery terminal would go. The “+/-” symbols indicate which way the battery should be facing when mounted. Electrical wires are normally indicated with lines, and in complex diagrams the lines would be in different colors to indicate the different types of wires that serve varying purposes.

The diagram can be created on a computer with the aid of a specially-designed program. This gives the PCB creator the advantage of being able to test the feasibility of the circuit board according to how the components are arranged on the diagram. However, the computer program can be a bit expensive and would not be a worthy investment if the individual does not have any intention of earning an income out of his PCB fabrication hobby. They can make use of free program trials for creating the diagram but these often do not include the testing environment.

PCB fabricationThis is why a lot of hobbyists often opt for the tried-and-tested method of drawing the diagram directly on the copper plate of the circuit board. This is way cheaper than installing a program on the computer. All the individual needs to invest on is a bunch of Sharpies and a ruler for drawing the lines and symbols with.

However, making a mistake on the drawing can be tricky since permanent markers cannot be erased that easily. Any leftover mark could cause an error with the mounting of the components, which means that the PCB fabrication could end up as a failure. The best way to avoid mistakes is to create the schematic diagram on a piece of paper first and once it is finalized, just copy the final output onto the circuit board.

Only a few people are aware of the amount of work that goes into PCB fabrication. The only concern for most people is that their electronic gadgets should be working as promised. What they fail to understand is that these gadgets are only able to deliver the work that it is supposed to deliver because the printed circuit board makes it possible.

The PCB not only simplifies the way that electrical components operate. It also makes it possible for more than one component to operate simultaneously. This is why you can play online games on your while the various social media apps are running and constantly popping notifications of online activities.

Another notable fact is that PCB fabrication has come a long way from when it was first patented in the mid-1900s. All the recent developments in the fabrication of printed circuit boards have made it possible for televisions to be thinner, wider, and smarter. Advances in PCB technology has made it easier for people to connect to each other over long distances but with fewer costs.You can see more details about PCB fabrication by visiting on site Pcbnet.

This is why a lot of technological geeks are interested in creating PCBs. Who knows maybe they might be the next person to discover another advanced method for modernizing the backbone of every piece of electronic device ever invented.

All about Golf iron sets

A golfer’s game is incomplete without a proper set of golf clubs. Every club has to be present for him to have a good game. What kind of golf clubs does he have to bring, and why is there a need for every club?

Read on to know more about golf iron sets.

What Comprises a Complete Golf Iron Set?

A golf iron set may include a pitching wedge, seven irons or hybrids, three woods (1, 3 & 5), wedge, and a putter. As per golf rules, a golfer can have a combination of 14 clubs – a golfer can have a complete set (12 clubs) and still add two more.

There are golf iron sets specified for juniors, men, and ladies; there are sets particularly for left and right-handed golfers.

Here are the clubs in detail:
•Pitching Wedge / Wedges

The usual iron used in making short shots is the pitching wedge. As it’s a high-lofted club, the pitching wedge can generate high spin levels. There are various kinds of wedges, but the pitching wedge is the wedge usually found in complete golf iron sets. Some sets include a sand wedge to use on sand traps and fairway bunkers.


A traditional golf club set includes the irons 3 to 9. These irons have been modified recently to reach longer distances; you can change the loft to a lower one, and it’ll be harder to hit. Some golfers then choose to eliminate irons 3 & 4 and substitute them with hybrid golf clubs instead.


A hybrid usually has a larger clubface but with a shorter shaft. It’s easier for a hybrid to launch a golf ball to the air because its center of gravity is around the back and to the club’s bottom. Golfers, both beginners and advanced, love using hybrids because they are capable of providing the accuracy and distance given by long irons, but with the advantage of being easy to use. As previously mentioned, irons 3 & 4 are usually switched for hybrids 3 to 6.

•Drivers and Woods

Golf iron setsThe woods are intended for driving off the tee and to hit long shots coming from the fairway. They have larger club heads, hence making it easier to hit the ball. They are made from different kinds of metals. There are golfers who use a 3 wood instead of bringing a driver – the longest club found in a golf bag and with the lowest loft. Advanced golfers can choose to carry a 3 or 5 wood, while the high handicappers can choose a 5, 7 or 9 wood.


A golfer’s set of clubs won’t be complete without a putter. It’s the club used the most, among all clubs in a golf club set. A putter is used for shots close to the hole, and is frequently used on the green and on the fringe. There are different kinds of putter designs, such as those newer ones with long shafts. A great putter is one that you’re comfortable and successful with.

Choosing the Right Clubs

As a golfer, you should know how important it is to have the right kind of clubs; after all, your clubs can help make or break your game.

What should you consider in choosing the clubs to include in your set?


In choosing a club, you should consider your height, strength and build. If you’re tall, you’d most likely need a longer shaft.


You’ll easily find golf clubs of different clubhead sizes; whether you need a standard, midsize or oversized one, you’ll find it. Ideally, especially if you’re a beginner, you should go for bigger clubheads; they’re more forgiving and can somehow motivate you in having a better game – how could you miss with a big clubhead, right?


If you’re a player who has problems in hitting the golf ball precisely, then cavity-backed irons are better for you. On the other hand, if you’re a precise hitter, then you can go for forged and muscle-backed irons.

•Thickness of the grip

Choose a golf club that has the right grip; a grip that’s too thin will trigger a lot of hand action when you swing, while a grip that’s too thick will restrict your hands. How would you know if the grip is just right? Your left hand’s ring and middle fingers will barely touch the thumb pad once the club is held. Fingers that don’t touch the thumb mean a big grip, while fingers that dig into the thumb pad mean a thin grip.


Issues with your swing, for example, if you slice, you’re better off with clubs that have less loft or maybe offset heads to help minimize and lessen that common issue.

Here are other tips:

•If you’re going to buy a hybrid to replace an iron, then make sure they’re perfectly matched with the club they’re replacing. Avoid distance gaps by choosing hybrids the same loft and length as the irons.

•If you’re a bad golfer (be honest enough to admit this – it’ll help you in choosing the right club), then maybe you’re better off with custom fit equipment. A bad game does not immediately mean a bad player – perhaps a change of golf clubs is simply what you need.

•Hybrids are different from fairway woods. Don’t confuse them with one another, and don’t get one hastily as a substitute for the other.

The rule “one size fits all” does not apply in golf. In coming up with golf iron sets, make sure that your equipment is the right one. Take your time in choosing golf clubs. There’s no right or wrong golf club; if it gives you a great game, then it’s the golf club for you.

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Designing Tips for Custom Embroidered Patches

In making a patch, you do not have to be an experienced artist or designer. Just consider these ten tips in designing that custom embroidered patch.

1. Concept

In making a patch, you must consider its purpose. Ask yourself what the patch is for. It is always better to start something with an idea or concept in mind. The idea may focus on an event that you want to be remembered, a theme or a brand’s name. A patch with a good design can turn an idea into a clear, well-formed graphics. Some artists and manufacturers can make patches from photographs, sketch and even text descriptions. If you ask the manufacturer to design the patch, the service is usually for free as long as the production is done with them. If you will not as help from the producer, you can still create your own design. It would be better if the design will be drawn on a paper with the same size of the patch that you want. In this way, the manufacturer will be able to visualize the overall layout of your design. Correction and sizing will be made easier.

2. Patch Design

PatchesSimplicity makes beautiful art for your patch. Do not overcrowd the patch by placing too many details on it. You just have to make sure that your idea is well stated in the patch. If you have a logo or any illustration that you want to be embroidered, make sure to give a sketch, photo or sample patch so the details will be copied well. If you cannot draw or make your own designing, just describe your idea to the manufacturer and they will be the one to make it for you.

3. Patch Shape

There is a variety of patch shapes to choose from. Shapes may vary from square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval or even hearts, diamond and octagon. There are also different shield shapes to choose from. Shield shapes are the common forms used for military patches. Shapes are not limited. However, you must still check the forms being offered by your manufacturer. The design should always fit the shape and size of your patch. Lasers and hot and die cutting processes turns patches into different shapes. The center part of the patch can also be cut out to add more details in the design.

4. Backing

Backing is used to support the patch that is why it is required to choose one. There are 5 types of backing namely plastic, heat seal, Velcro, adhesive and even magnetic.Plastic backing adds more stiffness. This helps keep the patch’s shape for a long time.


Heatseal is another term used for iron-on. This type of backing needs the use of home iron to attach the patch into the garment. This backing will not stick into nylon or synthetic fabrics. Though it uses home iron to stick into the fabric, sewing is still recommended after.


Velcro backing can be used on one or both sides depending on your preference.


This kind of backing is only used for a single event. It will stick and hold your patch for a short time. It is not recommended for machine washed clothes as it sticks only temporarily.


This type occupies the entire back portion of the patch. It will turn the patch into an embroidered magnet.

5. Border

There are two types of borders namely merrowed and die-cut.Merrowed border is the most commonly used. The edge of the entire patch is wrapped. This is used for simple shapes.Die-cut border is used for custom shapes as it has many in-cuts and sharp angles.Remember to choose the border that is most appropriate for the design of your patch.

6. Size

The size of patches depends on where you will use it. Do not forget to measure the placement of the patch. This will make sure that the patch will fit into its location. The next thing that you have to consider is the art and texts that you need to fit in the patch. The more details, the larger the patch will be. Many patch manufacturers offer sales and discounts depending on the size.

7. Lettering

The size of the letter should be at least 1/4 inches tall. This is to ensure clarity and sharpness of letters. Letter colors and styles are also factors that affect legibility.

8. Choosing the Colors

If you use light colors for the letters and art details, a dark colored background is suggested. When using dark colors for letters and details, the background should be light colored. Colors may be chosen using the Pantone Matching System.

9. Embroidery Percentage

If there is an unstitched part, it means the embroidery coverage is less than 100%. This option is cheaper. If you want 100% embroidery coverage, it means the thread will completely be used to cover the entire patch. This percentage will result to thicker and fuller patch.

10. Costing

Most manufacturers based their prices on the size, design and embroidery coverage. The simpler and lesser the thread used, the cheaper the price. It is important to consider your budget allowance in customizing your embroidered patch.

An Introduction to Lanyards

Lanyards are cords that are usually worn around the neck, wrist, or sometimes used to carry things. They are usually worn to prevent your things from getting lost or to make them more visible to others. Today, they are not only part of a trend; they’ve also become a profitable industry for many people.

People started using them way back in the 15th century in France where they are described as a strap apparatus. As the years passed, they were eventually used by the French military forces to connect their pistols to their military uniforms. Also, they were used by the naval officers to keep things in place. As they get more popular, they also served as a decorative item for many. Today, many are still using them for different purposes.

LanyardsWith its versatility, lanyards are known to have many applications, and they seem to be limitless as long as you can imagine the ways on how to use them.

If you’re struggling to come up with your own ideas, these should help you get started:

1. They are used to hold identification cards and badges

These laces are commonly used by schools, offices, and other public establishments where security is important. They are used to hold IDs and other means of identification. Also, they are used in social gatherings, like conventions, as a commemorative item. They can also be used to hold personal items like keys and books.

2.  They are used as a uniform accessory

Some groups, like the military, use a lanyard as part of their uniform.

3.  They are used for safety

There are kinds of lanyard that are special since they’re so durable that they are able to support a person’s full body weight. Well, these cords are usually utilized by construction and utility workers.

4.  They are used for recreational activities

Activities, like camping and hiking, use a lanyard for added security. They can be also used to hold your things, like water bottles, while doing your activity.

5.  They are also used as a gadget accessory

Gadgets like phones, MP3 players, and USB flash drives use these cords to keep them from dropping.

Lanyards are can be made out of different materials such as polyester, silk, nylon, satin, and leather. Their designs can also be made by using different media. The designs are can be woven, silk screen printed, stamped, or dye sublimated.

A woven lanyard benefits from the stitching styles of embroidery. This type is commonly used to give the lace a professional look. A silk screen printed lanyard uses the same principle applied in making screen printed t-shirts. It creates fine and detailed designs. A stamped lanyard can be engraved or embossed. This is usually done for metal tag laces. Lastly, a dye sublimated lanyard comes with multicolored laces, making them ideal for those with fashion in mind.

Aside from inks and paints being added to lanyards, other embellishments can also be included. There are attachments, such as hooks and rings, used as clips; these serve as the point where your things will be attached. Beads can also be added to these laces for them to be more attractive.

If you manage to learn how to make these accessories, you will get the chance to earn money. Most people saw this as a profitable craft since they are trendy, and at the same time, very versatile.

Lanyards are indeed among the multifunctional items that anyone can use in any way that can be thought of. As mentioned, they are also a great way to show off that entrepreneurial side of yours.

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Cool Ways of Using Misters

Misters are not as mundane as most people think they are. Most people now mist fans as those appliances used for cooling people off, especially outdoors.

MistersMist fans produce a fine mist capable of lowering air temperature. This is a result of a process known as evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling is the scientific phenomenon where temperature is lowered by a liquid when it absorbs too much heat and evaporates, thus taking the heat with it.

Most people are unaware of just how cool, yes pun intended, mist fans can be. There are so many interesting and fascinating ways people can use mist fans to solve some of life’s more complicated problems.

Misters are not technological marvels or magnificent feats of engineering. Nevertheless, the simple design and the cool principle it uses to provide a cool breeze can sometimes leave a good impression on people. Mist fans are far from the boring machines that most people see them to be. They may not look much at first glance, but they really deserve a more attention than they get.

Below are some of the useful and creative ways people have begun to use mist fans for purposes other than cooling people or stuff.

Getting rid of dust and bad stench

A lot of industrial settings suffer from a lot of working environmental hazards in the form of smell and dust. Both of these things contribute to a bad working environment which in turn is bad for the laborers.

mist fans for industriesLaborers who are constantly exposed to dust and bad odor tend to be less productive. This in turn affects how fruitful a business can be. Workers are also more likely to get sick when they are constantly exposed to foul gas and dust. Misters can help deal with bad smell and dust.

Mist fans produce such small droplets of water that it is capable of neutralizing smell and preventing dust from spreading through the air. They are a cheap solution to an extremely difficult and complex problem. People cannot just deal with problems that can only be seen through a microscope. The cost and efficiency of mist fans has led several industries to adopt them as a solution to dust and odor control.

Mist fans and plant life

Not all plants are the same. There are so many different plants that live in different environments that it is astonishing to think just how many of them exist out there. Plants can live in a wide range of different environments.

mist fans for plantsSome plants can be difficult to grow, which is why some people use glasshouses in order to keep their plants healthy and safe. The problem with some areas is that they can get really dry, especially during the summer.

An arid climate can be dangerous for some plants which is why some greenhouses use mist fans. Mist fans are a cheap way of maintaining the humidity levels in a controlled environment. The tiny droplets of water that it produces in an enclosed environment help to increase humidity. The moisture stays trapped inside the greenhouse allowing plants that require moisture to grow healthy and strong.

Hollywood special effects

Nothing says cool, in the figurative sense, than using an everyday appliance for some neat trick. Hollywood and theater stage production teams have long used mist fans for special effects.

Traditionally, the role of producing mist for satisfying special effects needs fell under the remit of a specialized for machine. The problem with this machine was that it was expensive for what it did and that it needed to use special oil in order to work. Misters are capable of providing the mist without the need of using expensive oil.