Consulting with an SEO Expert 101

SEO consultants want to give you the best possible outcome for the goal you have in mind. Whether it’s getting more traffic to your site through click here links, increasing awareness of your brand, or an overall increase in online presence, they want to make sure that with their help, all your goals will be realized.

The first meeting with your SEO consultant is very crucial. It will establish the kind of working relationship you will have over the next couple of months while he is working on the project. So what is it that you have to discuss on the first meeting?

SEO consultantThe most important thing to discuss with an SEO consultant on the first day of meeting is to ask about his methods and what he plans to do for your company, such as how much traffic he intends to generate with click here links. This will clue you in on the extent of the project, the estimated man-hours that you will be paying and the requirements that you will need to provide the SEO consultant in order to help him do his job. This will also help you map out a timeline as to what is expected to happen within the next couple of months.

Your SEO consultant will also have to provide you with a plan or a road map of how he is going to achieve your goal. He will show you a test run of the plans that he has in mind in order to realize your company’s goals. At this point, it is all plans and no actions just yet. You and your consultant will just be creating rough drafts and brainstorming ideas on how you want to go about with the project such as how much increase in traffic to go for and which sites you will put your click here links on.

Once your consultant is onboard and has all the information he needs, he will create a mock-up of the changes that he plans to do. This can mean creating a test site for you to see before changes are taken into effect. From this test site you will see all the functionalities that you and your SEO consultant had talked about and will be able to play around the test site like it’s the real thing. Test sites will give you a feel of what will happen to your site once the changes have been effected. If at any point you feel that the changes do not suit you, just let your SEO consultant know and he will change them to suit your preferences. At this point, the changes are not yet live so there’s no problem making the changes.

The creation of a test site will take up a couple of months to make. User acceptance testing or UAT will commence and will take a few more weeks depending on the errors, bugs, changes that the client will want to make on the test site. In some cases, the changes will even need the approval of higher management before implementation.

seoOnce the changes are put in production, that is when it is live and in effect, the SEO consultant will have to monitor the effect of these changes. He will look into how people responded to the changes made on the site and how much traffic you are getting from click here links, monitor the activities of people visiting the company website and use analytical tools to understand behaviors, patterns and movements within the site. The information will help him determine whether the SEO strategy that he applied is working or not. This will also help the SEO consultant adjust his strategy where it is needed the most. He will have to monitor the changes for a couple of weeks before he can determine if the changes had any effect on the visitors of the site.

The SEO consultant will then inform you of the progress and the other changes that he wants to put in effect. The cycle continues until he has met your company’s goals.

The job of an SEO consultant isn’t a quick fix that you can just apply to your company’s problem. It takes careful planning and it usually requires a good couple of months to perform in order to be truly effective. Communicate with your SEO consultant on a regular basis so that you can track the progress and be aware of what’s going on. A good SEO consultant will be more than glad to answer your questions regarding the project.